Alice and The Magical Dragons

By Bispiral, s.r.o.

Alice and The Magical DragonsAlice and The Magical DragonsAlice and The Magical DragonsAlice and The Magical DragonsAlice and The Magical Dragons

For Alice to survive within the magical world, nobody must know that she comes from the world of humans. Not until it’s clear what all that is about and who's the enemy and who's a pal. Why is Alice the one one in this world who can see the dragons?

Wizards are very clear about who's and who isn’t welcome in their world. Alice has to begin a journey to earn the proper to remain in the magical world. Fortunately there are also wizards that wish to help Alice and teach her many helpful spells.

Double the size of the primary part

The classic hand-painted adventure game (level and click on)

New from the staff

Friendly value, your cost supports additional improvement of the sport

Auto-Save function

Help: In the menu you will get hints to any location within the sport, you can also find your collected gadgets there and you can activate and off the music and sounds or restart the game.

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