Alice Beyond Wonderland

By MediaCity Games LLC

Alice Beyond WonderlandAlice Beyond WonderlandAlice Beyond WonderlandAlice Beyond WonderlandAlice Beyond Wonderland

Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries from the magical kingdoms past the unimaginable Wonderland, Find where the evil pink queen banished your friends, gather clues about their whereabouts, and solve multiple puzzles to rescue them once and for all to get them again to their home in Wonderland.


-Beautiful handcrafted high-resolution graphics.

-Many cleverly designed addictive puzzles.

-Hundreds of environments to find and discover.

-A excellent mix between basic and unique puzzles.

-A distinctive fantasy story.

-Hours of addictive gameplay.

-Interactive map with fast travel between scenes.

-In Game hints information, multiple languages and extra.

Plot: You get up in your quiet little house on the outskirts of London after a strange dream during which, regardless of your efforts, you can not rescue your mates from the hands of the evil pink queen, you relax for a second realizing that possibly it was just that, a foul dream.

Until, in a surprisingly acquainted event, a letter popping up in your desk powerfully catches your consideration.

Dear Alice,

You have been very near rescuing your mates in Wonderland, however The Red Queen anticipated your plans by banishing them to the mysterious forest of the seasons on the outskirts of her Kingdom, but you proceed to have me! Only you've the skills to help them in that harmful place. Hurry Up!

-The Time.

Time confirmed you that all this was not only a dream, you surprise how he wrote you a letter and whether it is safe to belief him, but it's undoubtedly that solely him; time will show you right or present you if you have been mistaken.

So, you determine that with the time on your facet you'll embark on a new adventure by which as soon as and for all you will rescue your friends to get them back to their home in The Wonderful Wonderland.

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