Crypto Sword

By NOD Games, Inc.

Crypto SwordCrypto SwordCrypto SwordCrypto SwordCrypto Sword

⚔️ Much awaited sport that was loved on Facebook and EOS blockchain, ‘Sword Magic’ has finally arrived right here on Klaytn Blockchain!

Crypto Sword Magic is a conventional RPG that raises heroes and shield mankind from the risk of monsters. All recreation property are baked into NFTs and recorded on the Klaytn blockchain. Also, the sport transactions run on the smart contract. Even if you finish up not enjoying the game, you can at all times play with others in a mercenary mode.

- Ownership powered by Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Technology.

- Storied world map and numerous monster ecosystem

- Mercenary mode to play while you're away.

- Sophisticated Item financial system and transparent public sale market place

- Infinite dungeon tower to compete with other players

⚔️ Transparent possession powered by NFT technology

- Own your game asset endlessly and commerce freely on blockchain

- Gear up with 5-grade itemization: regular, magic, rare, epic, legendary

- Level-up your gear to unlock distinctive options.

⚔️ Breathtaking turn-based RPG

- Experience intriguing battles by way of various item options and skillsets.

- Exciting likelihood game fueled by a mixture of various ability units and options

⚔️ Storied world map and infinite dungeon tower

- Welcome to the treacherous dungeons stuffed with ferocious monsters

- Choose from three difficulty levels. You shall be rewarded primarily based on your contribution to the battle.

- Dungeon tower opens day by day. Compete with the strongest heroes for the top spot and earn your rewards

⚔️ Mercenary mode

- Play offline as mercenaries. You shall be rewarded for your merc contribution even if you finish up asleep.

- If built right, you will stronger and stronger heroes will be chosen more by different players. More hired, extra loots you get.

⚔️ Hang tight! Exciting game contents are within the pipeline for future updates.

The peace that was dropped at the world by ancient heroes has come to an end.

The world is falling down to the abysmal chaos. The prime evil creeped in, soundlessly and started threatening mankind.

Monsters sprang up around every nook of the world. The potency of the traditional magic spells that confined the evil lords has severely weakened. To fend off the upcoming doom, the home of mankind called upon the heroes.

Heroes, the journey has begun. Gear up and march on to the battlefield !!

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