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New. Blockchain. Privacy. Internet.

Start exploring the new internet of elastOS. On the outside, it’s one other app on your phone. But on the inside, a complete world of dApps are being built within it.

* Become an early adopter of the future of the internet

* Browse and start using actual dApps (decentralized applications)

* Begin utilizing decentralized identities (DIDs)

* Create a wallet on your digital assets

* Own your data and hyperlink it to your ID

* Test and explore the evolution of new technologies and provides suggestions to builders on what you like and what could be improved

* Help make one of the first consumer facing blockchain products better

This product is in its early stages. Download now and be one of many first users to witness the new decentralized internet as it evolves to resolve real problems for folks all around the world.

What is a dApp?

Regular functions are controlled and operated by central entities like tech companies. These entities management their purposes and typically personal all the information that customers create on their platforms.

A dApp is an application that cannot be shut down or manipulated by a central entity. As increasingly more dApps are constructed on Elastos, elastOS will enable a complete web that's fully fashionable, private, and safe. This is the way in which the internet was all the time intended to be.

About Elastos:

Elastos is an open supply world challenge creating decentralized web services that focus on blockchain technology. These services are free for developers to make use of to build a reimagined internet designed for the Information Age: a Smartweb of dApps.

While several ecosystems are being built for dApps, Elastos goes far past mere sensible contracts (self-executing agreements) and provides a full suite of decentralized internet services that may be utilized for an web with out websites.

elastOS and the Smartweb:

Within Elastos

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