Maiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browser

By Elrond Network

Maiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browserMaiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browserMaiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browserMaiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browserMaiar Browser: Blazing fast, privacy first browser

Maiar Browser: fast, non-public, ad-free and secure

Privacy is a basic human right so we’ve put it on the core of Maiar. That’s why Maiar was constructed to protect your privacy and provide you with control over your info.

No adverts. No trackers. No fingerprinting.

Maiar’s built-in advert blocker, Maiar Safeguard, removes the annoying and malicious adverts and also blocks trackers like analytic scripts, monitoring pixels and different strategies of information collection. Choose your settings on a per-site or browser-wide foundation. See how many ads and trackers are being blocked by Maiar every day by accessing the New Tab web page.

Like the advert blocker, the tracker blocker helps pages load sooner, saves your cellular data and further protects you from malicious code. Beyond that, tracking safety merely guards your privacy because your personal information should not be given away or used with out your consent.

When you’re on-line, the characteristics of your system can be utilized by advertisers to create a “fingerprint” to observe you without consent. Currently Maiar protects towards fingerprinting by preventing third party sites from accessing performance frequently used to fingerprint users. This includes extremely identifying elements of the Canvas, Web Audio and WebGL APIs, amongst others. These default settings can be changed via Maiar’s Safeguard interface, the place users can disable these protections if wanted, or also lengthen them to the primary celebration.

Privacy first. Privacy built-in.

Privacy and security aren’t simply something you should hope for, they're one thing you want to count on. That’s why options to assist shield your privacy and keep your browser and devices secure are built into Maiar.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t should be a security professional to really feel protected on the internet. Maiar was constructed to be safe by default, and simple to use by everybody. You can browse confidently with default settings that block phishing, malware, and malvertising. Also, extensions and plugins, which have proven to be a security danger, are disabled by default.

Your data is yours. Only yours.

We don’t track, gather, or share your non-public information. It’s none of our business. Our servers neither see nor retailer your shopping information – it stays personal, in your gadgets, till you delete it.

Need even more? When you utilize Private Browsing, Maiar doesn’t remember your searching data (like pages you visit, your search history, your AutoFill info, or cookies).

You can also use DuckDuckGo, a built-in search engine that doesn’t monitor you, to make your internet searches private, too.

Sync your gadgets

Maiar Sync could be enabled to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. We do not hold any keys to decrypt your information, so your information stays non-public.

Built-in password manager

You can have Maiar keep in mind your passwords for different sites.

Stop auto-play videos

Maiar prevents sudden and unwanted videos with audio from automatically playing while you browse. Just click on the play button if you want to view them.

Wallet Authenticator - in work

New options shall be launched quickly.

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