Merge Cats

By CartoonMobile

Merge CatsMerge CatsMerge CatsMerge CatsMerge Cats

Be a cat collector, let your cats run and earn coins!

Make cash from working cats on the track.

Buy, merge, and handle your cats.

Merge your kittens to upgrade them!

Make excessive degree cats operating on the track.

Collect cash to purchase more kinds of cats.

Over 30 different cat breeds to discover including birman, unique shorthair, cymric, balinese and more.

Idle earnings. Gain coins even when you are offline.

Let's discover all the kawaii kitties!

Run! Run! Run cats like a automotive on track!

Try as quick as you can like a plane!

It’s a relaxing and enjoyable merge game!

Merge to collect, discover and upgrade to maximize your idle profit!

Start with a small kitty. Then combine, combine and match your kittens to upgrade them to majestic cats.

Discover and unlock many kinds of cats. Complete achievements and upgrade level.

Little kitty run within the apartment yard.

Putting the 'fur' in fervent.

Explore more species and acquire them.

Earn coins when cats run.

Collect extra, earn more even offline!

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