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By m2049r

Wallet: Currency WalletWallet: Currency WalletWallet: Currency WalletWallet: Currency Wallet

Monerujo is the primary app for managing and utilizing Monero wallets on Android. It is a lightwallet: it makes use of remote nodes for synchronizing to the Monero blockchain while keeping all your personal data on your gadget. You can run your own node at home or hook up with nodes supplied by the Monero neighborhood - it is as much as you!

Monerujo is open-sourced (https://github.com/m2049r/xmrwallet) and released underneath the Apache License 2.0 (https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0).

What is MONERO? It is Private Digital Currency.

Monero is a secure, personal, and untraceable cryptocurrency. It is open-source and accessible to all. With Monero, you are your individual bank. Only you management and are responsible for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.


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