By AltNotify


AltNotify instantly will warn you when ANY crypto gets listed on ANY trade. AltNotify is a straightforward but essential tool for any crypto trader, the app will alert the consumer when a brand new crypto coin is listed to a crypto change. It is an easy yet powerful device, allowing a crypto trader to instantly be notified of new trading alternatives without having to scour the various telegrams, bulletins, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and different totally different web sources.

The app does completely what it says it does, it'll notify you when new crypto is listed, we are continually working on the app and developing with new options which will assist crypto traders. We supply instruments that do not need any app permissions, nor promote or influence your trades. We will strive to work on AltNotify constantly to make sure a better and sleeker app for the consumer, we understand cryptocurrencies and the various kinds of trading opportunities attainable, while apps like this can be quite simple AltNotify is a vital piece of equipment for any cryptocurrency dealer or holder.

Crypto traders might have observed massive increases in values of certain cryptos due to it being listed on new major exchanges, that means the precise crypto you would possibly hold would shoot up in worth, AltNotify would notify you of such not only that but you would possibly want to be alerted on the thousands of new cryptocurrencies being listed every week!

AltNotify is purely to maintain any crypto trader updated with our app. We can 1000`s of cryptocurrencies plus exchanges each minute to ensure you are saved updated and alerted.


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