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Smart CalculatorSmart CalculatorSmart CalculatorSmart CalculatorSmart Calculator

SmartWho's Smart Calculator is possible to calculate essentially the most accurate on the planet. (World Best Calculator)

International normal numeric format assist (by country) - group symbols, grouping size, decimal symbol (user settable)

Various calculations, the necessities of life, such because the tip calculation, N division, unit conversion perform contains

Simple Calculator

☆ Calculator Description

COPY/SEND : Copy to the clipboard the calculated value / Transfer

CLR : Clear the calculated value

MC : Memory Clear

MR : Memory Return

MS : Memory Save

M+ : Memory Plus The calculated worth

M- : Memory Minus The calculated worth

M× : Memory Multiply The calculated value

M÷ : Memory Divide The calculated worth

% : Percent Operator

± : 1.Negative input 2.Positive and negative conversion

- Shake the gadget to initialize calculation display screen (CLEAR function)

- Keypad Vibration On / Off operate

- Keypad typing sound On / Off perform (sound volume within the sound settings of the machine settings)

- Provide reminiscence calculation operate (MC, MR, MS, M , M-)

- adjustable decimal dimension

- Set customized converter helps

Grouping adjustable size

Group separator can be changed

Decimal separator could be modified

Scientific calculator

The highest performance scientific calculator is offered.

Tip Calculator and N Split

- Tip calculator and N partitioning

- Adjustable tip p.c

- Adjustable personnel division

Unit Converter

- Supports conversion of assorted models as follows:










Date Calculator

Calculates the date gap for the chosen i

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