Unreal Nano

By WeNano AS

Unreal NanoUnreal NanoUnreal NanoUnreal NanoUnreal Nano

Unreal Nano Lite is a live transaction visualizer for the NANO community,

a cryptocurrency made for instant and payment-less transactions.


* Switch between marbles and light-weight orbs

* Transaction stats corresponding to newest transaction and transactions per second

* Donation feature to try out how instant transactions seems like

* Clickable and movable marbles

Donation handle used in the app:


Color codes for various Nano transaction types:

* SEND block: Blue

* RECEIVE block: Green

* CHANGE block: Red

* EPOCH block: Purple

Unreal Engine Nano plugin: https://github.com/wezrule/UE4NanoPlugin

Full game and Desktop model (with VR support): https://unreal.nanos.cc

About Nano: https://nano.org

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